Technical Entertainment Consultancy



Co-lumen is founded in 2018 by Michiel van der Zijde. Michiel has a long and wide experience in many technical aspects of the entertainment industry. On-site production, product development, lighting design, stage automation, theme-parks, musea, large scale musicals, touring shows. Education, standard committees it all creates the basis of Co-lumens activities. 


Co-lumen is specialized in technical project management and consultancy for live entertainment, from supplier to promotor and from venue to manufacturer. We translate your concept in technical solutions, an efficient organization and an affordable budget. Crossing borders between disciplines and always with our drive in mind. 


For Co-lumen entertainment is about touching the emotions of the audience. Creating memories they will never forget. That is our drive, our motive, our daily challenge together with our customers. All technique is always only supporting this drive and never leading. It is, every time, an art to find the optimum between budget, organization and the required technical facilities. 


The creative design, the organization, the budget and the technical requirements are the four columns of Co-lumens services. In the design of a product, the creation of a team, the development of a venue or the coordination of a show, the ultimate goal is always to create the most overwhelming entertainment. Nothing is impossible.